Lockdown Diaries #4

If I'm honest, I started typing out what I've done today, and it just didn't seem that interesting. Literally all I've done is eat, work, eat, work, go for a little walk, work, and write this blog. Oh, and I video called my Grandad to see if he was ok, which was nice. I actually got to see his full head this time, as usually he can't work out the camera so I just see the top of his head.


Lockdown Diaries #3,

This is gonna be a long one, as I'm combining Sunday, Monday and today into one, so I do apologise. But, I'm trying to keep this daily diary writing up, and so far so good!


I woke up to a face-time from two of my besties, Molly and Saoirse. We had a good old catch up, and I started the day feeling a lot brighter. Some times all you need is a good chat with some friends. I then went off to make some breakfast and to read my book.  I'm currently reading The Handmaids Tale, and although hard-hitting, I'm getting into it. After a few hours of pottering around the flat, we decided to have a picnic in our communal garden, as the sun was shining. Whilst outside we face-timed our good friend Rob to see how he was coping.
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