AD - #KeepKalms and Carry On

Kalms Box on blanket

In December, The Mental Health Foundation announced that this year's World Mental Health Awareness week would focus on sleep (or the lack of it) and the effect it has on our mental health. Having suffered from anxiety and depression for 10 years now, I can definitely vouch that sleep has a huge effect on my mood and anxiety. If I have a rubbish nights sleep, I can guarantee my anxiety will be all over the place, I can't focus and I'm more likely to be irritable and teary.



Lockdown Diaries #4

If I'm honest, I started typing out what I've done today, and it just didn't seem that interesting. Literally all I've done is eat, work, eat, work, go for a little walk, work, and write this blog. Oh, and I video called my Grandad to see if he was ok, which was nice. I actually got to see his full head this time, as usually he can't work out the camera so I just see the top of his head.
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