Things I Loved in February

February has always been a month for trying new new stuff for me. After Christmas and my Birthday in January, I always have new products to try or a little extra money to buy that new foundation I've been swooning over. These are always my favourite posts to write, as I love sharing my recommendations and getting stupidly excited over my new founds this month.
So, here are the things I've loved last month..

1. Real Techniques Brushes
Over the years, I've dabbled into a few of these brushes. Ya know, the beauty blender and the contour brush (the cult beauty faves) but I've never tried them all. In the ideal world, I'd love to have every single brush, as I've heard their amazing, but sadly my bank account doesn't allow that. But, I did get to try the ultimate bundle* from their collection and it does include 80% of their collection and I must say I am so impressed. My make-up looks more professional compared to when I use to just use my fingers, and they're so easy to clean with the cleansing gel it comes with. If you're needing new make-up brushes, definitely give them a try!

2. Mugler Alien Perfume
Now, this used to be my favourite perfume when I was younger. All through my teens, for every birthday or Christmas, I got a bottle of this, no doubt. I haven't asked for it, or bought it for myself, for about 6 years. I've tried various perfumes, ranging from Next to Jimmy Choo, and I still wasn't satisfied. Mugler Alien is one of those perfumes that I always smell on other people straight away when I'm out in public, and it made me really miss it. So, for Christmas, I asked for a bottle. As you can see, I'm already half way through as I love it that much. Definitely recommend it if you love addictive, unusual scents.

3. Kilimanjaro Stars Yankee Candle
This isn't just a February favourite in all honesty, it's a whole life favourite. I wish I could cover my whole house with these candles. The scent reminds me of men's aftershave, and I could literally sniff it all day. Everyone I've showed it to comments they're gonna pick it up on their next shopping trip. That just proves how nice it is, doesn't it really?

4. W7 Eyebrow Kit
For someone who needs their brows taming, but is on a strict budget, this W7 eyebrow kit* is for you. It costs around £3.95, and is honestly just as good as my benefit brow kit I usually swear by. The bit I love the most about this kit, is that it includes an eyebrow highlighter, which makes them look that extra bit put together. I've been a benefit brow addict for years now, but I'm officially converted. Honestly, give it a go..

Let me know what you're favourite things were last month, I'm always up for trying new things!

*Gifted by Justmylook

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  1. This Yankee Candle scent really intrigue me. I love their candles (that remind me I need to get all my Autumn scent candles out soon)

    My fav thing from last month...er...my new bathroom (newly redecorate), my camera, Elizabeth Arden 8hrs cream.



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