Why you should visit Victoria Park, East London

Since moving to London last Summer, Victoria Park has been my favourite park. I mean, it' my local park, so I guess I'm being a tad biased, BUT it is one of the most beautiful parks in London. It's a favourite for families, dog walkers and runners. And also casual strollers like my good self.

There are so many things to do and see and that's why I'd like to share with you why you should visit my fave park.  Here goes...

1.  Victoria Park Market

Every Sunday there's a Sunday market in Victoria Park between 10 and 4pm. I've only been a couple of times, but the vibe and energy there is just incredible. There's a variety of stalls, including fresh fruit and veg, juices, fresh bread, cakes and even pet food!  But of course, I normally go for the best thing... the street food.  Picture burgers, crepes, pies... yup, heaven. They even have quite a few Vegan stalls, which I was impressed with. I'm pretty sure the stalls change each week, so make sure you pop by and have a little look around.

2.  The Pavilion Cafe

I wrote a little bit about this cafe in my post about 4 places to visit when you're in East London, as it easily one of my favourite places to go. Especially for Sunday Brunch (think avocado and egg on sourdough toast, ughhh).  They have a range of juices, coffees and brunch options which all sound incredible. My aim is to try all of them by the end of the year. Watch this space. Although, my fave part of the Pavilion Cafe is you can sit outside on the lake, and get that dreamy brunch picture for the gram. What's not to like?

3. The Chinese Pagoda

Whilst you're visiting Viccy Park, why not have a quick visit the famous Chinese Pagoda?  It was built in 1842 as an entrance to the Chinese exhibit in the London Parks. Unfortunately, it suffered damage in WW2 and was eventually demolished. But thanks to the grant in 2010, it was re-built alongside this snazzy bridge. I love walking past it, as I think it brings a lovely bit of culture and colour to the park.

4.  The Victoria Park Lake

Nothing beats sat around the lake on a bench with an ice-cream (or a dog, which ever you are fortunate to have..).  The fountain is so therapeutic to look at, and if you sit close enough, you'll even feel a lil' splash.  In the summer, you can peddle along the lake in a pedallo or row your way across if you like. Personally, I've been too scared, but we'll see..

5. The Peanut Vendor 

Just on the outskirts of Victoria Park, there's a beautiful coffee shop called The Peanut Vendor.  It's hands down the best flat white I've had in months, and the food there looks so yummy. Oh, did I mention it also has a cute furniture shop inside it? I was eyeing up cute sofas whilst drinking my flatty, dangerous but a great Sunday afternoon activity.


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