What does your home say about you?

For everyone who knows me, they know Autumn and Winter are my favourite seasons. I love cosy/hygge vibes, warm colours and a hella' lot of candles, fairy lights and blankets. Even in the Summer, I've always got throws on the bed and my fairy lights on, I guess it calms me and is very 'me'. Weirdly, I've had a lot of comments about my home decor, saying 'this is very you'; which got me thinking - does your home reflect your personality?

The answer is a definite yes, and Julian Charles'* e-book explains this. Thinking about it, the colours throughout all of my rooms; since living with my parents, my uni house and my current room in London, always have the same colour theme. Greys, creams, and a tiny touch of pastel colour. Not to forget the random patterns to spruce things up a bit.
Cream My walls, furniture and my bedding are always cream or white. You can't go wrong with them (unless you get fake tan on the sheets or foundation on the walls- guilty) and it never goes out of season. Again, it's a very calming colour and makes the room feel and look a lot bigger than it is.

Grey I find I use grey a lot (maybe even too much) as it's a very reliable and versatile colour. You can style it with pretty much any other colour, so if anything a grey piece is a strong investment. I'm also a fairly anxious person, so I guess the colour grey calms me. It's especially lovely in winter, as I find it makes the room feel so cosy.
Baby pink Recently, I've been loving a touch of pink to brighten up my room. My room's pretty small in London (typical), so having it all grey can make it look even smaller than it is. I've added pink cushions, pink candles and a spot of pink on my bedding to add a touch of personality to my bedroom.
Accents To decorate my room, I have a million fairy lights, random cushions, candles, gold mirrors and a few personal photos. I literally couldn't be without my candles and fairy lights, it's so nice to come home to after a busy day at work and feel like you're in a lil' hygge bubble.

How do you style your room?

*This post is written in collaboration with Julian Charles


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