How to make a make-shift desk productive...

If you're a renter, especially in London, you'll be pretty familiar with the experience of not having enough space to put everything you want in your bedroom. My room barely fits a double bed in, so having everything I want in there is pretty impossible (I even have to have a rail for a wardrobe, I know, woe is me...). However, as I work in marketing, I often have the luxury of working from home, and of course as I work on my blog on evenings and weekends, I have to have some desk space to work, otherwise my productivity levels are extremely low (at least that's my excuse)

Unfortunately I don't have enough space for a desk, but I make-do with my bed side table if needs be. For me, it doesn't matter how big or how fancy your desk is, as long as you have your favourite belongings on there and there's a bit of organisation, it works! Although I would like the Industrial desk from Furniture At Work... There's always a few 'must-haves' that I have on my desk to make me feel more productive. Don't you? Mine are...
1. A plant I have to have a plant (or 5) where I'm working, even if they're fake. You just can't beat a bit of greenery to spice up your desk and make you feel more at home.
2. A lamp I just have a simple lamp from Ikea. I find having a big light on a bit distracting for some reason, so much prefer a warmer, dimmer light. It's either that or I work with fairy lights! I guess it makes me feel more cozy!

3. A candle Everyone loves a good candle. Am I right? This Yankee Candle is my favourite candle and scent, I literally get it every single year without fail. I love the smell of it and makes my room smell delightful.
4. A photo I like to have at least one photo or piece of art on my desk. The drawing is from my talented house mate Kaley, who kindly drew this for me for a Christmas present last year. Can you tell I like sleep and pizza? Ps - spot the bottle of gin...

*This post is in collaboration with Furniture Work.

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