Detoxing your way through January with Bella Italia

I dunno about you, but now Christmas and New Year is out the way, all I'm craving is vegetables and salad (I know, who would have thought eh?!).  All the alcohol, sugar and cheese has taken it's toll and my skin is hating me for it and I'm sure my body is too. If you're feeling like I am, then I have just the recommendations for you at Bella Italia to brighten up your body's January blues

I ordered the Insalata Fagioli Tonno, but replaced the tuna with chicken as I'm not a fish person, and it was a taste sensation. I'm always a bit wary of ordering salads, as I fear it'll never fill me up. But with chicken, avocado, olives and some cannelli beans in the mix, I can assure you I was left satisfied!

I also ordered a side of roast mediterranean vegetables, just in case I wasn't full (I know what I'm like) and they were just perfect. The onions were amazing, and I must say Bella really know how to roast their veg! It had just the right amount of oil in...

I finished my meal off with a bit of fruit (ok, not really fruit, but it tasted healthy so I gave myself that one). The passionfruit cooler is my favourite, as it has passionfruit, lime, mint and soda water in it. Even though it's quite a summery drink, it'll definitely perk you up. My pals favourite seems to be the strawberry & cucumber cooler, and I must say it looks pretty tasty.

What's your go-to January food? Are you feeling the strange fruit and veg cravings I am?

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  1. I haven't been to Bella Italia in years, but this food looks amazing! Maybe I'll make a trip there soon!

    Lucy | Forever September


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