5 ways to treat the most important woman in your life this Mothers Day

Mothers day is coming up fairly soon (for those who don't know, it's the 31st of March, put it in ya google calendar), which is a perfect excuse to treat your Mum/ important female figure/ wife/ auntie/ grandparent/ your cat, whoever you feel like spoiling...

If you're stuck for ideas or you're always last minute.com (holla at practically most people on the planet), here's 5 ideas for you. 

1. Flowers
You can't go wrong with a bunch of flowers. I'm pretty sure there's not one woman who doesn't like receiving flowers on any occasion (so not just when you f*ck up, lads).  I gave my Mum some daffodils as it's Spring, but some tulips never go down badly either.  If you haven't got the budget for some proper florist flowers (guilty),  a top tip is that Tesco or Waitrose normally have some decent ones!

2. Clothes
Whether it's a new pair of shoes, that handbag she's had her eye on or a new jacket, I'm sure she'll appreciate it.  I treated my mum to a grey leather jacket from JD Williams*, as I knew she wouldn't ever treat herself to something like this normally, and she was thrilled. The look on her face was priceless! I honestly recommend their collection of clothing and accessories, there is something for everyone, I may even have a gander myself...

3. Chocolates
You can't go wrong with a box (or crate) of chocolates. I'm talking Lindt, Thornton's, or even your classic Milk Tray. I mean let's face it, you'll probably eat half of them, but at least you'll look good, eh?

4. Afternoon Tea
Want an easy 10 points? Take her out for Afternoon Tea. It's a women's haven, and you'll get extra brownie points if Prosecco is involved.  You'll probs find there's plenty of afternoon tea's around your local area, google is your best friend! Or if you're a Londoner like myself, try the Royal Lancaster, I've heard top notch things. 

5. Spa 
My favourite ever spa is The Cube in Birmingham, which I'm actually taking my Mum to this year. The facilities are so clean, the pool is lovely, the treatments are top notch and the food at Marco Pierre's is a must! If ya fancy it, take a sneak peak here...  

*This post is in collaboration with Jd Williams.


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