5 Ways to Jazz up a Rented Flat

I recently moved in with my boyfriend (eek) into a rented flat in South West London. We absolutely love it, and so far, we haven't killed each other. We're not ones to splash the cash, but we did want our flat to feel like 'ours' and add a dash of our personalities into it. After all, the walls are white and the floor is wooden, there wasn't much colour or feel to it.  It took a lot of time, thought, and a hacking at our bank balances to get everything how we wanted in the flat. This meant a few trips to Ikea, Wilko, Homebase, Primark etc. You know the score. We've still got a few bits to get including an Armchair, a rug, a plant and some prints, but for now, we're pretty much there! If you're struggling to quick things to make your rented property a home, I've got a few tips...

1. Prints
We got this lovely print from Photowall* which we thought was a bit artsy, but also quite simple. I'm not a fan of typical movie or artist posters, so for us this felt perfect. After ordering it arrived pretty quickly too, and not creased at all which some of our prints have done previously!

2.  Candles
My favourite scent is the Yankee Candle Kilimanjaro Stars. I get it every year without fail, and it instantly made the flat feel like home. If in doubt, get a scented candle!

3. Cushions
We needed some colour in the flat as our walls are white and the furniture is brown/black, so we picked up these gorgeous yellow cushions from Primark. They were £8 each, so not too expensive and my God are they comfy.

4. A plant
It doesn't need to be a big one, although eventually we will need some more greenery. I was kindly gifted this house plant from my old house mate, I think it was from Tesco. And it's pretty easy to look after too...

5.  Belongings
A bit of a weird one, but I've found having some of my belonging on show really made it feel homely. I put some of my books into the bookshelf, displayed our house warming cards, and of course, candles, and I felt more at ease.

I can't wait to show you more pictures of the flat as we add more and more to it. So stay tuned!

What are your rented property tips?

*Print gifted by Photo Wall. All thoughts are my own.

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