Lockdown Diaries #2

I woke up at 10am to the glorious sunshine outside and the feeling of being refreshed after having a bit of a lie-in. We enjoyed a lovely lazy morning in bed talking rubbish and scrolling through our Instagram feeds. The perfect kind of mornings, in my opinion. Once we finally moved out of our toasty bed, Alex made us a bowl of granola and yoghurt, a fresh glass of OJ, and a mug of coffee. We lounged on the sofa with our breakfast whilst watching The Last Dance on Netflix, before us both going separate ways (as far as you can in a 1 bed flat) and getting ready for the day.

 I then had a bout of anxiety. I've always struggled with social anxiety, so even though I’m not socialising in person, I guess all these online quizzes and video calls are still giving me the same feeling. What doesn't make sense is that I absolutely love them when it's happening (even if I do lose the quizzes), and I feel so elated after seeing family and friends. But hey, I guess that's the complexities of mental health. I suppose it also doesn't help that we all have more time to think, so my overthinking of the texts I send and calls I make is heightened, but I keep reminding myself every day is a new day!

To distract me, I tried to revive our son Dennis (aka our Ikea plant) as he's been a tad neglected recently. We're definitely not ready for kids any time soon! Thanks to a little plant research on how to save our beloved, I removed all the dead leaves and roots, and sprayed it with water. He looks a bit better, for now! After being a gardener for the morning, I wanted to add a little pamper to my day (it's the little things, eh), so I took a shower and used my Ro's Argan body conditioner from Lush for the first time and oh my lord it's absolute heaven. I smell dreamy if I do say so myself. 

 I typically then had a sudden urge to clean the flat as it's an absolute shit tip, so I got all my gear and blitzed the bathroom. Boring chat alert but can we talk about how good Viakal is? It's the cleaning product of dreams. God I'm showing my age. After all that hard work(lol), I video called my Dad to check up on him, and took a call from my GP to confirm I may finally get my pain killers! I was recently diagnosed with a spinal condition, so on top of that and my M.E, ya gal's been in pain. But hopefully for not much longer - cheers to that! *raises a bottle of Rekorderlig*.

 A check of our phones made us realise we still needed to go for our daily walk. We walked 3 miles around the Tooting Common, and although it was very busy, it was still nice to see some greenery and wildlife, as being in lockdown in the concrete jungle of London is very tough. I stupidly walked too far (hi stubborn Beckie) and aggravated my M.E, so it's a night on the sofa with my Kindle and a homemade Chinese tonight!  Hopefully, tomorrow's a little bit better.

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