Lockdown Diaries #3,

This is gonna be a long one, as I'm combining Sunday, Monday and today into one, so I do apologise. But, I'm trying to keep this daily diary writing up, and so far so good!


I woke up to a face-time from two of my besties, Molly and Saoirse. We had a good old catch up, and I started the day feeling a lot brighter. Some times all you need is a good chat with some friends. I then went off to make some breakfast and to read my book.  I'm currently reading The Handmaids Tale, and although hard-hitting, I'm getting into it. After a few hours of pottering around the flat, we decided to have a picnic in our communal garden, as the sun was shining. Whilst outside we face-timed our good friend Rob to see how he was coping.

After an afternoon of house chores, we then went for a walk around our favourite street in Balham. It's full of cute cottage type houses, and we keep telling our selves, 'one day' if we win the lottery! It was also my cousin and Uncles birthday, so we had a family zoom call (yes, a video-heavy day was Sunday!) then had our favourite kids tea (consisting of veggie sausages, chips and beans) and watched the finale of Race Across The World with a bottle of cider.


Monday was a bog-standard day. I woke up, showered, and headed to the dining table to start work. It was a call heavy day, but nothing out of the ordinary. On our lunch break, we went for a walk around the block, which is nice to get some fresh air and a change of scenery. I, unfortunately, had some sad family news, so Alex cooked me a nice comforting dinner followed with cuddles (he's a gem) and then finished the evening by watching The Departed before having quite a late night.

Tuesday (today)

I didn't sleep very last night, so I woke up feeling quite tired (nothing coffee can't fix). Unfortunately, it's raining, so we can't go for our government-controlled daily walk. So today just consisted of working and a lunch break on the sofa under a blanket, then back to work until 6pm. It's my turn to cook tonight, so I'm making a veggie mince stir fry, courtesy of Gousto. Alex is video calling his friends, so I'm spending the night blogging and playing Crash Bandicoot with a glass of red. Perfecto.


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