Lockdown Diaries #4

If I'm honest, I started typing out what I've done today, and it just didn't seem that interesting. Literally all I've done is eat, work, eat, work, go for a little walk, work, and write this blog. Oh, and I video called my Grandad to see if he was ok, which was nice. I actually got to see his full head this time, as usually he can't work out the camera so I just see the top of his head.

I guess I started this series, thinking I'd be able to update everyone and myself on what I've done every day in lockdown, if not my feelings. I thought it would be a nice and interesting thing to look back on. But the truth is, I won't be able to do something significant every day, and that's okay.  I probably won't be updating this as much as I'd like unless shit hit's the fan and I need to rant, but for now, you might just see a weekly post.

So for now, au revoir.


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