Lockdown Diaries #1

I know this is a tad late, and I’ve actually been stuck in quarantine for around 6 weeks now, but I thought I’d start writing my day to day thoughts, so I can look back at these entries when it goes back to ’normal’, and also to help my mental health.

So far all I’ve accomplished today is made some breakfast, work, cook lunch, call a close friend, work, and take part in a work quiz. But that's ok, who's really productive in Quarantine?  I plan to go for a walk later (albeit around the block) to let off some steam, and see some sunshine as it’s pretty warm outside right now, which is nice.

Our plans this evening are to order a takeaway, perhaps watch some After Life or a film, maybe play a game together and get a bit drunk on cider. I’m more excited about my lie in tomorrow if I'm honest! It’s the little things, eh?

I guess the reason why I wanted to start this series, is so I can vent as I’ve realised keeping my anger inside isn’t good for anyone. To cut a story short, I’m getting tired of seeing people still seeing their friends and families, having parties, meetups, and unnecessarily travelling. It hurts and disheartens me, especially as I have a parent and a close friend on the front line dealing with very sick and dying people. Hearing stories from the front liners, then hearing that people are basically carrying on as normal frustrates me. 

I don’t understand how people aren't reading the same news we are, and also, come on man, the longer you carry on being selfish, the longer we’re going to have to carry on doing this! It’s not easy for anyone. I haven’t seen my family in over 2 months, and I won’t do for a very long time, but I’m doing this to keep others safe and to help the NHS. So please, can everyone do the same?

Rant over. See ya tomorrow. 

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